Melanie Six


After graduating as an interior designer, It kept itching to work more with my hands. Furniture and beautiful interior objects have always fascinated me. After a few years of experience in various jobs, and especially after a year of living and working in Australia, I decided to go for it and reschool as a furniture maker.

The story of a

furniture maker

After a year of full-time training as a furniture maker, I had a taste for it and decided to do another 5-month training in England, at the renowned Waters & Acland in the beautiful Lake District in Great Britain. There, I learned many of the manual skills required by a craftsman cabinetmaker, combined with various techniques for creating perfectly finished furniture in solid wood.

Handcrafted furniture By Melanie

High quality finish, original design, attention to detail with recycled old furniture.

Outdoor furniture from modified wood

Enjoy your garden to the full with garden furniture from Melanie Six. Coziness prevails!

Handmade decoration

Hanging shelves, serving boards etc, everything is possible made to measure or take a look under “realisations”

Unique pieces with a story

Currently, I am continuing to create unique stand-alone pieces in solid wood, by adapting the design to the client’s home and wishes. This is always done with a high level of finishing, an original design, an eye for detail and if possible I try to reuse and recycle as much wood as possible from old furniture.  So I am also very happy to give your old furniture a new, more modern look! These then become unique pieces, with a beautiful story. If you would like to have a piece of furniture made for outdoor use, this is certainly also possible. My first choice is to work as much as possible with modified wood. This is European wood that is processed in such a way that it is transformed into the most sustainable wood in the world! A much more sustainable solution than using tropical hardwood.