Melanie Six realizations

The Dry River side table

New pieces
Indoor furniture

This side table was made at the request of the customer.

The customer wanted a type of wood with a beautiful, lively drawing, in the size she wanted.

Together we went to the wood supplier and chose these slabs of olive wood.

The base was made in solid walnut. A design was first drawn by me in 3D and presented to the customer until we were both satisfied.


I wanted to give a Japanese, airy feeling to the legs. The proportions, thickness and width of the parts had to be right.

The slabs of olive wood were stripped of their bark, finished all around, the many cracks and knots in the wood were filled, and everything was sanded flat.

The base was assembled by means of invisible connections and connected to the tops in a traditional way, by means of wooden “buttons”.


Everything made by hand in our own studio, to your own design.

A long- term work, but with love and care a beautiful heirloom that can last for generations!


After a number of proposals from Melanie we came to a nice result, it was very pleasant to work together.
~ Patricia