Melanie Six realizations

The Queens Gambit Baby coffee table

Recycled items
Indoor furniture

The assignment: design and make a coffee table that fits the previously purchased dining table “The Queen’s gambit mini.”

I found an old coffee table with the same pattern in the top, sawed this piece out, and enlarged the part by adding pieces of solid oak in miter.

Because the customer liked to use all the useful space she had, I designed the coffee table so that it was an open volume, so that she could store her books and small things under it. The table is also on wheels and is therefore extra practical.

The coffee table was made entirely in solid oak, with hand-sawn and chiseled joints, which match the pattern in the top.

An ecological, unique and sustainable piece!

The coffee table is very finely finished and very practical because you create a full extra space on the bottom shelf. She also stands on wheels and is so easy to move. The blade is waterproof due to the treatment with an invisible oil. I am very satisfied with it and it fits perfectly with my previously purchased dining table, the Queens gambit mini! Thank you!
~ Rose